Price List

March 19, 2018

Thank you for reviewing our services. We have a package to fit everyone's budget so,

please know all prices can be adjusted.


Tip: Please let us know if you need assistance in putting a

customized package together to meet your specific needs.



Price list

  • Service 30 Sec...............$150.00
  • Service  1 Min.................$175.00


Radio advertising production generally includes advertising

strategy development, copy, voice talent performance and

production services like editing, mastering, and distribution.


Typically, the production cost can range from $300.00 to $1,000.

Factors influencing these cost include numerous copy or audio

revisions, celebrity endorsements and using multiple voices.


When researching radio advertising production pricing and cost,

keep following in mind:


1. Radio advertisement production costs typically include script,

    production, and distribution at a minimum.

2. Plan to pay a deposit upfront for advertising radio commercials.

3. Consider the cost of adding a jing with the production of a radio





Prices vary on what fits your needs and goals.

We are a full-service online consulting firm specializing

in fundraising, advertising, mobile, social media and web development.


We've raised more money online than any other political

consulting or public affairs firm in history. We're not for the

faint of heart. Chances are, we've already been where you want to go.


We want to meet with you to discuss your individual goals so we can

develop custom solutions. We have many different clients with

sometimes very needs. We want to help you with yous.



Price list

Full rotation

1.- songs ........... $50.00

2.- songs ........... $100.00

6.- songs ........... $150.00

12 - songs Album.$350.00

This fee also includes website placement, this is a one time fee.

Must be original music and you must be 18 years or older.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS                                                                                    

Price list                                                                             

List of the services included in this package:                              

1. (1) hour exclusive phone interview                                                                            

2. Website Placement                                                                                                 

3. Social media advertisement & promotion                                                  

4. (6) songs in rotation or book commercials             

5. Podcast download                                                 

6. Mp3 copy of the interview   



1.Prices Vary According To Every Package

2.List of the service included in this package:

3.Street Team

4.Email Blast

6.Social Media Campaign

7.Radio Spots

8.15 Minute Interview

Does Not Come With Any Free Extras




Price List

Listed The Services Included in This Package

(1) page................. $50.00

(3) page................. $175.00

(5) page................. $275.00

(10)page................ $800.00

Does Not Come With Any Free Extras

.....ask how we can fit your budget