March 19, 2018

We are a syndicated radio station across the globe. We provide radio promotions and advertisements, spotlights for Indie radio, street team promotions, news and weather, and concert details. We refer to Indie label and major record label for the release of the album or CD singles to be reviewed and aired for our shows. We also provide a spotlight for international DJs on.


Our Interests include various genres, including Top 40, R & B and hip-hop, jazz, reggae, rock, pop, international DJ remixes, gospel, book publishing, digital media, television, film, advertising, music law and more. 


As a unit we will continue to work hard and keep pushing great music, great shows and great attitudes as our daily struggles continue to be the best F.O.S.R can be. Our goal is to promote positive lyrics in our music played on F.O.S.R  and to keep negative energy away from the ear of the public as much as possible, and as on-air personalities not to display behavior that may reflect or demonstrate dysfunctional and/or destructive behavior. We are constantly encouraging all artists/ groups and DJs to dedicate themselves in a very positive and respectable way throughout the community