Maluma - Cuatro Babys (Official Video) ft. Noriel, Bryant Myers, Juhn

April 06, 2017 - 2455 views

A petition decrying the lyrics of Maluma's hit single "Cuatro Babys" has been posted on Change.org, demanding the song's removal from digital platforms as it is "demeaning to women."

"Both the lyric and the images incite direct violence towards women, which are described as worthless, interchangeable and absolutely available bodies at the service of the authors' unlimited sexual desire,” writes Laura Perez from Spain, who posted the petition. “The woman figure appears represented as a valueless entity, or power of decision, that exists only to satisfy the physical needs of a group of virile little boys with money."

 Maluma teamed up with reggaeton artists Noriel, Juhn and Bryant Myers for "Cuatro." The song and the music video, directed by Jose Javy Ferrer, were released in October; the video already has over 185 million YouTube views.

Maluma reacted to the situation on social media: "You'll always be judged for one thing or another. Just do what comes out of your heart, what makes you happy. If they talked about Jesus Christ, why would it surprise you to have them talk about you?" he wrote.