Membership Rules

June 12, 2018

◦ The rate is $50.00 per hour for recording time with a (2) hour minimum.
◦ I must pay for scheduled time in advance
◦ Being on time and Being prepared as studio time starts exactly on time.
◦ Having a thumb drive for my music
◦ Having my instrumentals in both wave and MP3 format on a thumb drive upon arrival.
◦ Having my material written and ready to record.
◦ Studio time does not stop for smoke and or any breaks outside or inside
◦ My mastering and mixing is separate rate at $75.00 dollars per hour with a (2) hour minimum .
◦ No refunds due to cancellations by me
◦ No weapons or firearms allowed in the studio. (Strictly Enforced)
◦ No violence or gang activity
◦ I’m responsible for my paid time( from the time the session is scheduled to begin and
to the end of my session.)
◦ This is a NON smoking facility
◦ There will be no more than one guest, unless the other party is recording during that time.
◦ I’m not authorized to operate equipment
◦ To be respectful of the employees and staff at all times.
◦ I understand that if I am a no show my deposit will not be refunded
◦ I understand that I must obey and follow all Studio rules and guidelines.
◦ I understand that this agreement will be enforced.
◦ I understand that the staff has the right to refuse service if I am being rude, loud, drunk, under
the influence, argumentative or obnoxious, or dysfunctional conduct including but not limited to
racial remarks.
◦ Any violations of this agreement, I will be banned from this studio