Artist FOS Management

June 12, 2018

Welcome to the Artist FOS Management, a website set up as a central point of information and resources for artist managers and self-managed artists; as well as artists seeking management representation.

If you’re reading this page, it is because you are an artist looking for management and want to know where and how to find a music manager to help guide  your music career. You've likely also been asking yourself some variation of the question: “how do I find a music manager to help take my career to the next level”? Whether you’re an artist, musician/instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, or re-mixer; you’ve probably gone as far as you can by yourself and now need some help taking your career to “the next level”. Some of you might actually be doing pretty well but need someone to handle the business end of things while you concentrate on creating and performing your music.

The truth of the matter is that the D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) promise has not yet lived up to expectations, and it is actually not possible to do it all yourself. To live up to your full artistic and financial potential you need the assistance of the "right" manager. An example of a successful collaboration between an artist and their manager is Justin Bieber with manager Scooter Braun, who earned over $55 million (according to Forbes), and whose foray into perfumes generates an estimated $120 million a year in sales. Other revenue comes from Justin Bieber dolls and a documentary that pulled in $100 million at the box office as well as endorsements for products like the skincare line Proactiv. Such results have not up-to-now been possible by an artist in the D.I.Y arena. You too can achieve such results; but likely only with the help of the right manager along with a well-financed record label or investor.
Even if you aren't interested in the Justin Bieber "major label" artist model, you’ve come to the right place to get the answers to your questions about how to get a manager. What most musicians are unaware of is that you don’t find managers; managers find you! In order for them to find you, however, you have to appear on their radar by doing certain things that get their attention.

We surveyed and/or interviewed over 750 music managers – from newbie managers just starting out, to managers with Grammy award-winning artists signed to Major labels on their rosters – in order to get their takes on what they look for in an artist and what makes them approach an artist with an offer for representation.  This information will get you one step closer to finding a manager who can help to take your career to the next level. Call 877-499-4999