Faces of Success Recording Studio

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Faces of Success Recording Studio
155 Glendale Avenue Suite 17
89431, Sparks


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By filling out the information below, band members are agreeing to clear all samples used and arrange for all mechanical licenses. The Faces of Success Reccording studio will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement incurred by the artist(s). Bandmembers also have the understanding that this project is for the CLIENT, or for the band.

All arrangements for mixes and master copies should be made between the bands and the artist(s). You must be at least 18 years old or older and have a valid U.S. ID., to enter the studio at all times. If a band member falsifies any information, they will be immediately escorted from studio property and not allowed back.

If a client falsifies information, they losetheir session. NO MONEY SHALL BE EXCHANGED FOR  RECORDING OR MIXING. A band member sheet must be completed, before booking or“vulturing” any session.


The studio rate is per/hour. A minimum of two (2) hours may be purchased.
A 100% deposit of the time booked is required to reserve any time slots. Full recorded studio time payment is due in full at the beginning of each session.

(4) hour blocks may be purchased for a fee of $200.00. Full payment is required upfront prior to any and all recorded sessions. A four hour block may be broken up into two or more sessions.

There are NO refunds on session time. Studio use and/or tours are by appointment only.

Masters and final mixes/remixes will not be released to the artist/client until all studio fees have been paid in full.


- No illegal drugs shall be brought onto the premises.

- No weapons of any kind shall be brought onto the premises.

- No pornographic materials shall be brought onto the premises.

- Any intoxicated people could be asked to leave immediately (this includes any type or level of intoxication).

- Crude behavior of any sort will not be tolerated.

- Excessive use of profanity outside of the studio will not be tolerated.

- There is no smoking in the studio.

- Due to the tight working space, no more than 1-2 extra people (persons who are not involved in the recording/mixing process, we are restricting more people due to covid), will be allowed to stay (hang out) in the studio.

- Politics, religious beliefs, family values, etc., are not discussed in the Main Control Room.

- Loud tracking (i.e. drums, loud amps, etc…), will not be recorded between the hours of 8am – 6pm.

By purchasing the studio time and required deposit you are accepting these terms and conditions and there is no other agrrements, your deposit of $100.00 dollars will go towards your scheduled studio time, in the event of a NO-SHOW or CANCELATION your deposit will NOT be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you have any questions please contact management at (775)223-8575 or email at fosrmedia@gmail.com.

Hours Reserved